About Pathway Property Management, Inc.

Our Story

In November 2008, the housing market was declining, and my position as a Land Developer was no longer needed. I suddenly found myself searching for answers, asking, “is there a pathway for me? Because I am not seeing it.”

Raised in a family concrete business, I started my career in home construction. Beginning with this job and others within the home building industry, I honed my customer service skills. I performed inspections, scheduled home repairs, and taught new homeowners how to maintain their homes. This led to an exciting opportunity to work as a land developer. I began to oversee the development of thousands of lots, associations, and community infrastructure turnover in dozens of cities in the Chicagoland area. In addition, I served and sat on city planning and zoning commissions for eight years in my hometown. With over 30 years of hard-earned experience, I continue working to grow my knowledge. 

The day following my termination, my wife, Lisa, and I found a Bible scripture that became the cornerstone of our business. “Your road led through the sea, a pathway through the mighty waters, a pathway no one knew was there.” Psalms 77:19 NLT. 

I drew on my extensive experience in home construction, land development, homeowners associations, community infrastructure turnover to cities, and city planning and zoning commissions. With this knowledge, I decided it was time to not only embark on a new path but help make a better path for others. So, in 2008, Pathway Property Management was born. 

I started the business with a heart to serve and an extensive understanding of homeowner associations’ frustrations. We built the business on the cornerstone commitment – to provide a better way. A way focused on authenticity, transparency, and prompt communication. 


Our commitment to providing a better way inspired many of our business decisions. Pathway Property Management offers cutting-edge software — a better path to communication. Our software enables homeowners to access accounts and association resources (rules, budgets, meeting minutes, etc.). In addition, board members can see all financial reports at any time. Our commitment to prompt communication and transparency ensures our clients have access to all the resources, information, and documentation they need whenever they need it. In addition, I always offer clients the ability to talk to a knowledgeable, personable human being 24/7. 

“A pathway through the mighty waters” made way for our family so that we can continue to create a pathway for others. Since the beginning, we have worked diligently and tirelessly to provide a path for homeowner associations to have access to the resources, knowledge, and connections they need to thrive. Our pathway continues to help protect and maintain the value of each homeowner’s investment so they can be proud of their community.

While life’s pathway is never perfect, I continue to embrace the journey!