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Pathway Property Management Inc. (PPM) is an association management company, specializing in building relationships with Homeowners, Boards, Developers/Builders, Municipalities and Contractors. The service we provide goes beyond the common surface knowledge of what a community needs. Specifically we:

  • Raise the level of customer service by providing the answers to the most commonly asked questions, with a personal touch.
  • PPM is engaged by the Board of Directors to provide a complete range of services for the community, including administrative services, financial services, and physical property services.
  • Provide extensive knowledge of the development process, from starting communities at the concept level, through overseeing the installation of the infrastructure, to what is necessary for municipal acceptance.
  • Plan, organize and assist in the conduct of Board meetings, Committee meetings and Owners meetings; guiding and assisting the Board in the performance of their duties; and maintaining the records of the Association.
  • Financial Services: PPM assists the Board of Directors in preparing the annual budget. PPM attends to the collection of assessments, payment of bills, preparation and review of monthly financial statements, administration of the payroll, and assisting the Association’s auditor.
  • Physical Property Services: These services include regular property inspections to ensure adherence to architectural standards and to verify contractor performance, bidding and negotiation of ongoing maintenance contracts as well as contracts for major repair, and replacement or enhancement projects

Our Principles

At PPM, we take pride in establishing a reputation for producing high quality workmanship and operate under the following key principles:

  • INTEGRITY: Consistently delivering on what we’ve promised to do.
  • QUALITY: Providing you with a higher return on your investment.
  • RESPECT: Recognizing your time and investment into your community by offering prompt response and open communication.
  • VALUE: Providing knowledge and understanding of the industry by implementing competitive pricing without compromising value.
  • PRIDE: Upholding your pride in your community by taking pride in what we do and only hiring competent experienced contractors.

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